First things first…

This week I was looking forward to sharing with you all what I hope is the first of many recipe posts. I’ve been working on a couple of different yummy creations I’m excited to put out there but I’m afraid the first of those will have to wait until next week. The time and energy I had allocated this last week to finish up my first recipe post was unexpectedly redirected to another cause. I’m sorry, not sorry if you know what I mean 😉 Well, let me explain first.

Those of you who know me are almost certainly aware that I’m a big animal lover. I always have been and I’m sure I always will be. (*Queue my body’s distress signal*… sorry allergies, this is one I’m not willing to give up!) I currently play mom to a retired racehorse, a very particular Tortie and a painted turtle, who, after a year, I learned was not a male, but in fact, a female… that’s a mind blowing story for another time. All of them are rescues in one way or another.

(Day 1) He’s very gremlin-ish right now but I’m positive there’s a handsome face hiding under all that gunk.

I currently live in the country and at least a couple of times a year, a stray cat or kitten will show up, sometimes pregnant. While some of them have stuck around to join the little posse of barn cats, I have re-homed a good majority of them after attending to whatever small issues they may have, usually home remedy style. Though they generally find me, I will take on a project now and then if one happens my way through social media or an acquaintance.

Such was the case on Sunday night when I received a facebook message about a kitten that had been found in the middle of the road about a half hour away. Unfortunately, the family’s schedule did not allow room to take on a 5 week old kitten with an eye infection who needed care. Assuming I could treat the eye infection on my own and knowing the flexibility of my schedule meshed well with taking on a young kitten, I agreed to come and get him.

After picking up some eye ointment and a couple of other small supplies, I drove out to collect him the next morning. I am not a hard core rescuer and I was not prepared for the sight that greeted me when I arrived. I found a small gray kitten curled up in a ball tucked into the corner of a breezeway attached to the house. He broke out in a deafening purr when I reached down to pick him up but when I turned him over, my stomach flipped. His eyes were swollen shut and covered in gunk. I was horrified to see fleas crawling over his face and running up and down his belly.  It was obvious he had an upper respiratory infection (which likely led to the conjunctivitis) and his bony but bloated body screamed worms.

With a knot in my stomach, I gently placed him in my car and headed home. The first order of business was to get rid of the fleas. I gave him a couple coconut oil / dawn dish soap baths (that combo works like a charm) and got him into the vet a couple of hours later. We are on day 4 of antibiotics with another check-up scheduled for this afternoon.

His eyes are still swollen and icky looking but warm compresses and eye ointment are helping and he can now open them both halfway. He’s eating like a champ and we FINALLY had a bowel movement… yay!! Time will tell if he’ll regain full eyesight and everyday I’m hoping the sneezing will lessen and the congestion will start to clear.

He can’t see very well and because of his congestion, he probably can’t smell much either but that hasn’t slowed him down. He’s a sweetheart, full of life and spunk in spite of his handicaps and sick quality of life, very likely the only kind he’s ever known. Each time his little face looks up towards my voice, my heart melts. He’s a gem and a constant reminder to me that the bad days will come and I don’t need to apologize for them, but if I can simply remember to do the best I can with the cards I’m dealt and keep that attitude of gratitude, everything will be alright.

So, my friends, after a couple of nights with little sleep, a sick kitten on my mind and my body warning me to tread more slowly, I realized the recipe post would have to wait because the little man couldn’t.

I can’t wait to share with you some of my creative concoctions. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy them as much as I do 🙂 but, first things first…

For updates on “Archie” including videos of his deafeningly sweet purr and wickedly fast moves you can follow along via Facebook and Instagram

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