Welcome to Incredibly You!

I’ve somewhat casually rolled around the idea of starting a blog for about a year, but, for some reason, up until this point I couldn’t make myself sit down and actually start one. I think if I’m being honest, I wasn’t ready and I knew it. The timing didn’t feel quite right and while I had tossed around a few ideas on possible ways to approach it, none of them seemed to fit the way I knew they should. For me, there’s also a very distinct vulnerability factor to writing; after-all, if it’s truly coming from within, aren’t you providing others a tiny glimpse into the person underneath with every word you write? That can be very personal but when done authentically, incredibly freeing. More or less the inspiration needed to do this and do it right just wasn’t there, until now.

I think it’s important to begin by saying that I’m neither a nurse nor a doctor, not a nutritionist or a specialist of any kind. I’ve taken no official courses and I haven’t studied under anything other than my own personal experience. My passion for pursuing a healthier, more well-rounded lifestyle stems from my own personal health issues over the last year and a half and corresponding with others who are also struggling. It has stopped me in my tracks, quite literally, and has allowed me in large part to take my health into my own hands, becoming my own best advocate and leaving me eager to inspire others to do the same.

During the short time I’ve been on this journey, I’ve already collected and poured over stacks of books, perused countless articles and researched the answers to an endless internal stream of questions searching for truth along the way. We are so blessed with the arrival of modern medicine which has and will continue to help millions in need, but in the process, I think we have forgotten that our health is still our own and every decision that we make is one step closer to the type of life we are consciously or more often than not, unconsciously, creating for ourselves and our families.

Unfortunately, many times it takes a diagnosis for us to seriously begin reflecting upon why, trying to figure out how and then actually changing the aspects of our own life that are not serving us as they should and led us down the path we find ourselves on. If and when you do figure out some of those puzzle pieces, consciously changing and rerouting yourself can be such an overwhelming process (this I know!). I hope that as I share my journey with you and everything I have learned on it so far, you’ll feel inspired do the same. After all, isn’t that what we should all be doing? Sharing, encouraging and loving each other on with an open mind? Our individual journeys through life are uniquely our own but I don’t think that we as a whole are so very different in the end. I look forward to taking this journey with you; learning, growing and readjusting as we go.

See you all on Thursday…

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  1. Awesome job , great to see you are making your way to be a better person for your self an others !!!!!
    Looking forward to part of your journey.

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