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Finding Balance

Balance is such a tricky thing. On the one hand, it’s very straightforward. Take a balance scale for example. To achieve a balanced scale two items of equal mass are required. Add or take away from either mass and an immediate unbalancing occurs. Life, however, isn’t so simple. The scale is much larger, the additions and subtractions more subtle, the concept of balance itself much more elusive.

That being said, as I enter my 24th year, I have never been more aware of my own need and desire for balance. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, the last two years of my life have been focused on almost nothing but. My healing journey has been largely a quest to find and maintain balance… physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s not been easy and I’m far from there but I am becoming more aware. For me, that’s a major step.

As I write this I’m simultaneously pondering on the irony. While I’m more aware of what balance means to me (if you haven’t already, defining that for yourself is a good starting point), I’m also just as aware of how far I am from achieving it.

I’m in a season of change, of transition. I’m hustling to juggle two jobs whose lines between part time and full time have become blurred (I’m so grateful for them both). While those jobs are taking up a majority of my time, I still have my horse and other animals that require daily care. I’m doing my best to maintain two blogs while also trying to squeeze in extracurricular learning and activities to get the most out of my work experiences. And amid all of the other normal day to day tasks required of us all, I badly want to re-incorporate a yoga practice but have yet to figure out how… or when.

I’m trying to give myself some room to breathe and unwind each day because I’m finding more often than not, I need that, especially at the end of a long day. I’ve been asking a lot of a body that I’ve been incredibly careful with for two years now and while the reminders are there, it’s responded to my requests better than I could have hoped. I am aware however that what you withdraw, at some point, you must put back in. I’ve learned that, if nothing else. Honestly, it’s been a bit overwhelming but in the best way possible. Perhaps you can relate.

There are lots of people (you are likely one of them) that have just as much if not way more on their plates than I do. For me, learning how to fit all of the puzzle pieces together is a challenge but one that I welcome with open arms. During these transitions in life, I think we need to allow ourselves the space and grace to readjust. How often are we our own toughest taskmaster? Breathe and just flow with it for a while.

A calm has been washing over me when it starts to pile up because I know that I’ll figure it out. I know I’ll find the balance that I’m looking for. Whether in the form of a daily cup of tea, a chapter in a book that’s purely pleasure, or a few minutes in the morning devoted to some stretching and meditation, the opportunities are there for the taking. I guess my hope is that if nothing else, this will remind you to look for those opportunities too but also give yourself the time you need to find them.

How do you find balance?